In-Home Design Consultation

An initial in-home design consultation with Levity Interiors provides you with a fantastic starting point to begin honing in on how your space can function, look and feel. Prior to our meeting, you will receive a design questionnaire that will not only help me understand you, your style and your desires better, but will also provide me with important information to maximize the value of our time spent together. Within that session, you can expect us to cover topics like paint color suggestions, furniture placement and kinds of furniture to purchase, general suggestions for lighting, wall treatments and ideas for DIY projects, if you are so inclined.

Design consultations begin at one hour, with a flat fee of $200. Each additional hour is $100.

If you would like to receive a virtual design consultation, please contact me to further discuss your project.

Virtual Design Concept Board

Despite its name, a virtual design concept board can be done for both long-distance and local clients! With the virtual design concept board, I will first send you a design questionnaire that will set the stage for what you value in your project. Based on the needs of your project, I will create a proposal for you, outlining the hours the project will take me. Once you approve the proposal, I’m off to create your space! You will receive a virtual design concept board with images of all items suggested (or photos of items similar to ones I believe could be thrifted or found second hand). In addition to your design concept board, you will also receive links to all items selected for your space, enabling you to click, purchase and have your uniquely-you room sent your way - all from the comfort of your home.

With the virtual design concept board, one revision is included.

Virtual design concept board prices will vary depending upon project scope, with the first hour billed at $200 and additional hours billed at $100. Please contact me to discuss your project scope and receive a proposal.

In-Home Restyling

If you love the items in your home, but aren’t sure they’re being maximized in their current layouts and/or functions, or you’d like a budget-friendly refresh using all or mostly pieces already in your home, this is a wonderful option for you! As other services listed, in-home restyling begins with a design questionnaire sent to you via email. For in-home restyling, I come to your home ready to work on a designated space - moving furniture to create new layouts, walking your home with you to look for items to use in new or unexpected ways, with the end result being a refreshed space that meets your goals. This session can also be used to provide suggestions on future purchases to help complete a space, as well as paint color suggestions.

In-home restyling session prices will vary depending upon your goals for your space, with the first hour billed at $200 and additional hours billed at $100. Please contact me to discuss your restyling project and receive tailored pricing.

Interior Design Services

For local clients who would like to collaborate with Levity Interiors beyond an initial design consultation or have a combination of the services above, this is the perfect option for you. This service is flexible and will be tailored to your individual project and needs. Services that could be included within this are an in-home design consultation, virtual design concept board, in-home restyling, installation of your pieces and a final styling and reveal of your space!

Interior design services will vary depending upon your project’s scope, with the first hour billed at $200 and additional hours billed at $100. I would love to discuss this option with you, so please contact me for pricing tailored to your unique project.

Personal Shopping

You may not have the time or desire to shop, or you would just like my eye when making purchases for a specific space. Purchased items can include both new items purchased in person or online, as well as thrifted and second-hand pieces that I will personally source for your space.

Personal shopping pricing differs depending on my method of shopping. Please contact me to discuss your project’s needs for tailored pricing.